Areas of Research

upper layer ocean dynamics

To study the role of surf in the ocean-atmosphere exchange, the mixing effect of surf and internal wave in the upper-ocean, and ocean-atmosphere exchange parameters.

shallow sea dynamic process and substance transport

To developand improve the theory of long-term substance transport in estuaries -coastal waters under the effect of non-linearity, and to establish marine ecosystem dynamics mode with coupled physical-chemical-biological processesunder conditions of high turbidity.

internal waves and mixing

Based on ocean dynamics and thermodynamics, using methods of field surveys, laboratory experiments and numerical simulation, we aim to study how internal waves generate, develop and demise and its mechanism, energy transfer process betweeninternal waves and mixing, ocean mixing dissipation parameters, etc.

ocean circulation , ocean-atmosphere interaction and climate change

To study ocean circulation and ocean-atmosphere interaction in the South China Sea , Ocean-atmosphere interaction and ocean circulation inter-annual variation and its mechanism in the Pacific-Indian Ocean, climate dynamics, the interaction between blocking and planetary scale waves, vortex dynamics and sea fog, etc.

detection mechanism and simulation of the marine environment

To establish satellite remote sensinginversion mode of sea color, internal wave parameter satellite (SAR), multi-source remote sensing data assimilation model.

Polar Science and Global Sea Level

To study the mechanism of dynamic processes in the North and South poles, climate change, andglobal sea level response.

Atmospheric Physics and AtmosphericEnvironmental Studies

To study the vertical structure ofthe lower atmosphereinthe coastal zone, the ocean-atmosphere boundary layer momentum, energy and material exchange, aerosols and their effects on radiation and climate forcing.