OUC Attends the International Engineering Education Symposium 2023

The International Engineering Education Symposium 2023 took place from November 16 to 17 in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Organized by the China Engineering Education Accreditation Association, the event received support from various international engineering organizations. The conference centered around the theme of Unleashing Potential and Empowering the Future: Focusing on the Quality and Vocational Aptitude of Graduates. Faculty members of OUC from the Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the College of Marine Geosciences, attended the conference.  

Prof. Wang Houjie, Dean of the College of Marine Geosciences, was invited to deliver a keynote presentation titled Education of Geoscience and Geo-engineering toward Sustainable Development. In his presentation, Prof. Wang emphasized the importance of cultivating students’ key capabilities for sustainable development in the education of geoscience and engineering. He highlighted the practices undertaken by OUC in the field of geoscience and geological engineering education and provided insights into future developments.