Deputy Vice-Chancellor Rob Wilson of the University of Tasmania Led a Delegation to OUC

On July 3, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Rob Wilson of the University of Tasmania led a delegation to Ocean University of China (OUC). Vice President Liu Yong met with the guests and held discussions on deepening cooperation between the two universities.

Vice President Liu Yong reviewed the history of friendly exchanges between the two universities. He fully acknowledged the fruitful results achieved in the Sino-foreign cooperative education program in marine science over the past decade and expressed the hope of sharing the high-quality educational resources to other relevant departments. He also proposed the introduction of new cooperative education models to cultivate more international talent. Furthermore, he anticipated deeper and more extensive cooperation between the two sides in areas such as life sciences, ocean engineering, Antarctic research, and humanities and social sciences.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Rob Wilson spoke highly of OUC’s achievements and provided an overview of the University of Tasmania. He expressed his hopes of forging an even closer partnership with OUC through joint education and collaborative research.