Rector Anatoly Nikolaev of North-Eastern Federal University Led a Delegation to OUC

On July 1, Rector Anatoly Nikolaev of North-Eastern Federal University led a delegation to Ocean University of China (OUC). President Yu Zhigang met with the guests and held discussions on deepening cooperation between the two universities. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Liu Yong.

President Yu extended a warm welcome to Rector Anatoly Nikolaev and his delegation, and introduced the academic strengths of OUC, as well as the current status of Sino-Russian cooperation and exchanges. He pointed out that both universities are strong in disciplines such as Arctic research, mathematics, geology, ecology, and meteorology. Building upon the existing foundation of cooperation, he proposed joint applications for research projects, and expansion of faculty and student exchange. He expressed the hope that the two universities could explore the establishment of a joint center to deepen cooperation through interdisciplinary research, talent cultivation, and social services, thus promoting friendly exchanges between China and Russia.

Rector Anatoly Nikolaev expressed his gratitude for the warm reception. He introduced the unique geographical advantages of the North-Eastern Federal University and strengths in disciplines such as Earth sciences, ecology, mathematics, medicine, and Arctic research. He emphasized that cooperation with China is one of the top priorities of the university’s global engagement. The establishment of the Russian-Asian Arctic Research Consortium in 2022 serves as an important step towards this goal, and Ocean University of China is one of the consortium’s board members. He expressed his wish to conduct joint research, enhance faculty exchanges, and organize Arctic summer camps within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the two universities, actively building a platform for Sino-Russian Arctic research cooperation.