1st International Symposium on Polar Ocean and Global Change Held Successfully

The 1st International Symposium on Polar Ocean and Global Change was held at Ocean University of China (OUC). The online event, spanning two days from November 10th to 11th, attracted more than 300 delegates from 41 Chinese universities and 14 foreign research institutions that focused on marine-related studies. OUC Vice President Prof. LIU Yong attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Prof. SHI Jiuxin, Director of OUC’s Key Laboratory of Polar Oceanography and Global Ocean Change (POGOC), and Prof. CHEN Xianyao, Deputy Director of OUC’s Key Laboratory of Physical Oceanography, moderated the opening ceremony, keynote speech session and special report session, respectively.

Prof. LIU Yong said that OUC is one of the first Chinese institutions to conduct polar research. Since 1984 when OUC joined China’s first Antarctic scientific expedition, the university has focused on polar research for about 4 decades. In view of the pressing concerns related to global warming and Arctic rapid change, OUC has shown consistent commitment to tackling the challenges by working with like-minded people around the world. He noted that this Symposium would serve as a platform for academic exchanges, a propeller for deeper cooperation involving scientists from different countries, and a springboard to more feasible thoughts and constructive solutions to polar and climate change. 

The Symposium featured a star-studded lineup, including Prof. Orjan Gustafsson, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Engineering Sciences, Dr. Marcel Nicolaus, head of the MOSAiC - Sea Ice Team, Dr. Benjamin Rabe, head of the MOSAiC - Ocean Team, Prof. Feiyue Wang, chief Arctic researcher in Canada, Prof. Christine Provost, chief Arctic researcher in France, Dr. Jacqueline Grebmeier, winner of the US President’s Award for her Arctic research and professor at the University of Maryland, as well as renowned Chinese polar expedition expert Prof. ZHAO Jinping. Those world-class speakers gathered online, made 26 academic presentations and had in-depth discussions about the following topics: ocean dynamics under Arctic rapid changes, sea ice change and redistribution, ecosystem and biogeochemical cycle.