OUC Wins the 14th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award

On May 30, 2022, the winners of the 14th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award were announced in Beijing. Prof. Bao Zhenmin of Ocean University of China (OUC) won the Award.

For many years, Prof. Bao has been engaged in theoretical and technological innovation in marine genetics and breeding, making world-renowned achievements. He has systematically evaluated China’s scallop germplasm resources, completed fine mappings of shellfish genomes, elucidated the genetic features and growth regulatory mechanisms related to the generation of economic benefits. By developing cutting-edge technologies such as low-cost, high-throughput genotyping, he established a series of aquatic biomolecular breeding systems and bred new scallop varieties. His research enables scallop farming to move away from the dependence on wild breeds, playing a leading role in the development of aquatic breeding technology. 

Prof. Bao has won a second prize of the National Award for Technological Invention, three second prizes of the National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress, and four first prizes of Ministerial and Provincial Science and Technology Awards. By participating in the planning and implementation of China’s plan for seawater breeding and its industrial development, Prof. Bao Zhenmin serves the national needs, promotes innovation in marine biology, and makes great contributions to the development of China’s mariculture industry.

Translated by Wang Yaqi

Edited by Xu Derong, Yu Hong