OUC Wins the Special Prize of 2021 Ocean Science and Technology Award for the First Time

On April 19, the Chinese Society for Oceanography announced the winners of the 2021 Ocean Science and Technology Award and Best Books Award. OUC won the Special Prize for the first time along with two Second Prizes. Two books, authored and edited by OUC’s teams, were granted the Best Books Award. 

The award-winning team, led by Academician Guan Huashi and Prof. Wang Changyun, has been engaged in the research and development of marine drugs, a field that has seen increasingly fierce international competition over the years. The team, working closely with other domestic research teams and experts, aim to discover sources of marine drugs and tackle bottleneck issues of marine drug resources. The award-winning project has produced a complete overview of China’s marine medicinal resources, mapped their distribution, and established China’s first database in this field.