The First Harvest of Salmons Farmed in the Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass with Technological Support by Prof. Dong Shuanglin’s Team

On June 21st, the salmons farmed in the Yellow Sea cold water mass (YSCWM) in the “Deep Blue-1” net cages at the Qingdao National Deep Sea Green Aquaculture Experimental Zone were  harvested with the technological support by Prof. Dong Shuanglin’s team at Ocean University of China. Since the beginning of the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Dong and his team have planned to utilize the YSCWM to raise high-quality salmons. After a decade of research, he established a relay farming model and a technical system that covers the selection of species, fry breeding, disease control, feed research and development, and equipment design. The salmons harvested boast an average weight of over 4 kilograms, meeting the quality standards for export to the EU. This harvest marks China’s first success in the large-scale cultivation of quality fish in deep and high seas.

It only takes 45 minutes to harvest the salmons and get them ready for transport in HDPE heat-insulated boxes. It takes only 12 hours to deliver them to the residents of Qingdao’s West Coast New Area, and 36 to deliver to people in other cities in China. The harvest also marks the world’s first technical success in farming salmon far offshore in warm waters at low latitudes, ensuring a sufficient supply of independently-farmed salmons and high-quality salmon products.

Professor Dong Shuanglin introduces farming techniques and fish harvesting to media reporters

“Deep Blue-1” net cages in the YSCWM waters