The Inaugural Meeting of the Union of Marine Academic Journals of Chinese Universities Held in Qingdao

On September 29, the inaugural meeting of the Union of Marine Academic Journals of Chinese Universities was held in Qingdao. Dr. Wang Jianmin, OUC’s Vice President for Financial Affairs, attended the meeting. The Union was founded to facilitate OUC’s effort of becoming a world-class university and its disciplinary development through promoting joint development of marine academic journals sponsored by universities in China and strengthening academic exchanges. It aims at improving the quality of the journals, so as to enhance China's strength in marine-related fields. 

Dr. Wang Jianmin extended a warm welcome to the experts at the meeting on behalf of OUC. He emphasized the importance of marine academic journals in disseminating marine science, technology and culture and in serving the country’s maritime strategy. He said that the academic journals are facing new opportunities and challenges, which requires the marine them to be more closely united and learn from one another. The purpose of founding the Union is to seek more opportunities and jointly develop the publishing industry related to marine science and technology. He called upon all Union members to make full use of the platform and strive for in-depth exchanges, close cooperation, co-construction and win-win results to break new grounds.

Dr. Yu Rencheng, Assistant Director of the Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, read the charter of the Union, which was adopted at the meeting. The first Council of the Union was elected, with Academician Li Huajun, Vice President of OUC, as chairman. The ten universities represented by the council include the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ocean University of China, Xiamen University, Shanghai Ocean University, Guangdong Ocean University, Hainan University, Jiangsu Ocean University, Zhejiang Ocean University, Dalian Ocean University and Hainan Tropical Ocean University.

Prof. Chen Wuyuan, Vice Chairman of the Union, gave a speech on “The Experience of Running University Journals”. He spoke of the challenges faced by university journals and corresponding strategies. Dr. Yang Limin, director of the OUC Academic Journal introduced the comprehensive reform of academic journals at OUC.

The meeting was moderated by Dr. Yang Limin. More than 40 scholars and experts attended the meeting. They conducted extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions on the experience and strategies of running marine academic journals at universities.