The Construction and Application of the Monoclonal Antibody Library of WSSV

The outbreak of WSSV in 1993 was a devastating blow to the penaeid shrimp farming industry in China and impeded its sustainable development. Against this background, according to the continuous tracking study of the disease, this project pinpoints the pathogenic characteristics, epidemic regularity, transmission route, and host range, and builds the McAb library of viruses and target cells. The detection kit, indicator paper, and test chip, which are fast, convenient, precise, and sensitive for testing the disease, have also been invented. The prevention model for virus infection of neutralizing monoclonal antibody, receptor monoclonal antibody, and Idiotype monoclonal antibody has been established, and the comprehensive prevention and control technology of WSSV has also been created. These scientific results have proven effective and useful for penaeid shrimp farming enterprises and provided technological support for their development.


The project won second prize in the National Technology Invention Awards in 2010.