Key Technologies and Applications of Ocean Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention

Aiming at some important scientific issues and key technologies relating to security and disaster prevention in the life cycle of ocean engineering facilities, we developed a set of economical and efficient systems, which improved the theoretical and technical levels in this field.


Technological Innovation: (1) We have put forward developed theoretical methods in solving the Joint return period of loads in extreme ocean environments and formulated reasonable fortification criteria of ocean engineering facilities. (2) We have solved such key problems as offshore engineering structure selection and scouring protection. (3)We have developed new technologies for the effective testing of the facility safety.


The number of national invention and utility model patents amounts to seven with published works numbering more than 160. The research achievements have contributed to two national industry standards and have been applied to more than 30 projects, bringing significant social and economic benefits.


New-type road-island techniques have contributed to the remarkable increase in the stability and adaptation to the erosion of beach lands, decreasing the difficulty of construction and workload, as well as maritime space use, saving the maintenance costs and the fees for maritime space use.


This project was awarded second place in National Awards for Science and Technology in 2010.