Research and Applications of Effective Clean Technology in Seawater Pond

Since the 1980s, the mariculture in China has experienced a rapid development. However, the traditional model featuring high density and single species cultivation not only has a low utilization rate, but also exerts a severe negative impact on the environment. To this end, this project aims to systematically construct and optimize the facilities and procedures used in mariculture, where shrimps, sea cucumbers, swimming crabs, and flounders are cultivated in an integrated way. In addition, pollution-free water quality control technology and environmentally friendly disease prevention technology are developed and have been widely applied, which generates both economic and environmental benefits. By doing this, the project has provided a new model and key technologies in mariculture and laid the foundation for achieving sustainable development.

It won the second prize National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2012.


Picture One: the net-isolated polyculture method of filter-feeding fish



Picture Two: Integrated mariculture model for prawns, cyclinasinensis and gracilaria




Picture Three: Integrated mariculture model for oplopanaxelatus, jellyfish, prawns and scallop