Vessel Information of “Haida”

1、The basic parameters of vessel

1.1 Navigating zone:the unrestricted area
1.2 Overall length 68m
1.3 Molded breadth:15.6m
1.4 Molded depth:7.6m
1.5 Displacement:2650T
1.6 Draught:4.3m
1.7 Gross ton:2444
1.8 Net ton:733
1.9 Navigational speed:0-13kn arbitrary regulation;    Economic speed:11kn.
1.10 Sustainable ability : 30 days
1.11 Enduarance:5000 sea miles at the economic speed
1.12 Cargo tank capacity:563m3
1.13 Washing water tank capacity:170m3
1.14 Drinking water capacity:121m3
1.15 Depth of stability :GM=1.4m
1.16 Design criteria of seawater desalination:10T per day

2、Power system of vessel

2.1 Main engine:2×1200KW
2.2 Shaft generators:2×600KW
2.3 Generators:3×400KW
2.4 Emergency generators:1×100KW
2.5 Both side push:Head 2× 250KW,Tail 315KW
2.6 Dynamic positioning:DP1
2.7 Passive anti-rolling device

3、Mechanical devices on deck

3.1 Area of quarter-deck for working: 520m2
3.2 Shelf of “A” style on tail:10T
3.3 Shelf of “A” style on the side of vessel:2T
3.4 Derrick for hydrology on the side of vessel
3.5 1.5T folding jib  
3.6 4T folding jib
3.7 Load of quarter-deck : 0.87T/m2

4、Professional equipment on deck

4.1 Geological winch  6000m  
4.2 Cable winch  6000m
4.3 Hydrographic winch  3000m
4.4 Cable winch  10000m(to be arranged)
4.5 One shaft:1.8m×1.2m    ADCP,multi-beem equipments and so on  available
4.6 New moon pool : 2.4m×2.4m

5、Positioning anchor

5.1 Head: 2×2000m  steel wirerope    Tail: 2×4000m steel wirerope
5.2 Style: Del Tai
5.3 Weight:1.5t each
5.4 Diameter of steel wirerope :28
5.5 Pulling force of steel wirerope:
Positioning winch 4000m(rated capacity × speed(the first gateway)) 300kN×8m/min
Positioning winch 2000m(rated capacity  × speed(the first gateway)) 270kN×5.5m/min

6、Design of rig floor

6.1 Drilling machine:2.4m×1.5m
6.2 Drilling platform :4.4m×4.4m
6.3 Rated load capacity of dirilling tower: 400kN
6.4  Uinform load  of drilling platform: 20kN/m2  
6.5 There is no direct connection between living deck and drilling platform.
Uinform load of upper deck: 8.5kN/m2;
Concentrated load of the support column will be designed according to the actual parameters of the drilling devices. Local structures will be strengthened.

7 、Others

7.1 One dry lab:55 m2  
7.2 One wet lab:40 m2  
7.3 One gravity lab: 10 m2  
7.4 Shaft operating-room: 10 m2  
7.5 Fixed bed : 49    
apartment:4    single room:13   double room:8  quad room:4
Each room  has the independent lavatory.          
7.6 Capacity of restaurant : 50 persons at the same time
7.7 With a meeting room and a reception room
7.8 With one hospital room

7.9 With central air-conditioning,satellite TV, satellite communication; satellite Tel and satellite high-speed data transfer.