Introduction of Research Vessel Dong Fang Hong 2

"Dong Fang Hong 2", a Vessel of OUC used for comprehensive marine survey, is 96 meters long and 15 meters wide. The GRT3235 vessel with a draught of 5.5 meters can be used for comprehensive and systematic research in multi-disciplines including hydrology, meteorology, physics, chemistry, biology, geology and geophysics as well as for students’ fieldwork at the sea. “Dong Fang Hong 2” is one of the most advanced vessels for comprehensive marine investigation in China.

With the help of “Dong Fang Hong 2”, OUC has successively conducted joint research activities with the U.S.A., Candan , France, Japan and South Korea in the waters of Yellow Sea Bohai Sea and East China Sea and successfully accomplished cooperative research programs such as “Joint Investigation for Sino-Japan Subtropical Circulation”, “Sino-German Research for Sustainable Development of Ecological System Dynamics and Biological Resources at Bohai Sea”, “Sino-British Joint Testing of Apparatus”, “Sino-American Cooperative Survey for Change of Some Routes at the Offshore in Shanghai”, and “Investigation of Environmental Geology in Northwest Pacific Ocean",etc.

“Dong Fang Hong 2” is also commissioned by Ocean University of China and other universities to be used for the teaching and training of the student in marine-related sciences.

Ship’s Particulars


Dong Fang Hong 2

Where &when build

Dec.1995, Shanghai

Name of builder

Zhonghua shipyard

Call sign


Port of Registry



Ocean University of China





Moulder Breadth




Gross Tonnage


Net Tonnage


Main Engine Power

1620kw X 2

Max Speed


Serve Speed


Control Propeller Pitch


Men (Passengers & Crew)

196 Men

Generator Set

280KVA X 1,350KVA X 2, 400V

MAIN equipment on deck

1)6000m electrical winch (for geology),Φ9.3 mm, load 1,000kg
2) 6000m hydraulic winch (for hydrology), Φ5mm, load 500kg
3) 3000 hydraulic winch (for biology), Φ5mm, load 300kg
4) 8000m CTD winch,Φ8.3mm,load 1000kg
5) 2500m CTD winch, Φ8mm, load 1000kg
6) 1300m hydraulic winch (for hydrology), Φ4.4mm, load 300kg
7) 10m espansion derrick
8) Π type hanger (hydraulic pressure) load 2,000kg
9) Π type hanger (hydraulic pressure) load 6,000kg
10) 4T/1T espansion arm crane ((hydraulic pressure)
11) 60KN-M folding arm crane (hydraulic pressure)
12) Life boat: four 50 person sealed motorboats (glass-fibre reinforced plastic),two on either board.

Communication and Navigatgion Equipment

1) Satellite communication station INMARSAT-B&C FEL-COM 10 FURUNO
2) Radio transmitter and receiver FS-8000 FM-8000

3) Synthetical navigation system EC7000/BM3000 TKC

Researching and teaching area

No.1~ No.5 universal experiment rooms                       105 m2
No.6 research and student training area on deck        200 m2
No.7 navigation training room                                        23.9 m2
No.8 teaching room and dinning hall                             108 m2
No.9 central computer room                                           18.7 m2
No.10 ADCP room                                                           9.1 m2
No.11 meteorology room                                                12  m2
No.12 remote sensing room                                          10.4 m2
No.13 Meteorology sounding control room                   14 m2
No.14 gravity meter room                                              15.6 m2
No.15 isotope room                                                        4.3 m2
No.16 dark room                                                             4.3 m2

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