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Sports Training major of the undergraduate and Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training major of the postgraduate were both approved by National Ministry of Education and The General Administration of Sport of China. Teaching conditions with 2 basic laboratories, 2 standard tracking fields, 2 gym, 1 swimming pool and several general fields are good compared with some other universities in China. Beside this 7 professors and 10 vice professors lead the researching and teaching activities of our major in PE department. Professional talents with basic theories and knowledge of sports training who can engage in researching and managing of sports and training theories are empathically developed.

Course Profile

The main courses of the major are listed below, including:

Theory of physical education and sport

Anatomy of motion

Biomechanics of sports

Athletic physiology

Sports psychology

Physical training

Theories of sport training

Sports Nutrition and Recovery

Sports administration

Sports statistics

Sports biochemistry

Sports Material Selecting

Sports history



After the getting the credits fulfilling the requirement of OUC with about 160 above all , successfully defending their dissertations ,and reaching the standard of graduation, bachelor's degree or the master’s degree will be granted.

Fees and scholarships

Requirements will be in accordance with the national and school.


Over one hundred and forty students are studying in Sports Training. There are 4 grades in sports training major with about 35 students for each. Except the students from the sports training major, all the students of the OUC need to get more than 4 credits of the physical education class that are taught by PE department.


More than eighteen graduate students are studying in Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training postgraduate major each year. With the professors and vice professors being their tutor, students do and proceed their research or experiments to achieve their objectives and get their master degree.


Teachers of our department have strong will of researching and have made lots of achievements on study. Teachers in our department have studied in research fields including: Sports Teaching, Sports Engineering, Schooling Physical Education, Sports Physiology, Sports Biomechanics and Fitness. And Got lots of achievements.

For the last four years, we have Constructed 3 excellent course including Sports Biochemistry, Theory of Physical Education and Sport, and Aerobics. And we have got teaching achievement prize of OUC for 3 times. There are 39 piece of paper published in various journals. Four monographs were published and 4 patents were applied in last four years. Beside this, 2 Provincial projects, 2 municipal projects and 11 university projects were taken by professors of our department in last four years.


Department of Physical Education consist of 7 part including:

PE department director’s office, PE department office, teaching and researching section of public sports, teaching and researching section of sports training major, teaching and researching section of students work, teaching and researching section of training, teaching and researching section of logistics management.

International Cooperation

Lots of international cooperation activities were made in last 6 years. With the development of international cooperation, many teachers and students get abroad to excellent universities all over the world to improve themselves. Many of them get the scholarship and granted the degree.