Chemical Engineering and Technology

The disciplines of Chemical Engineering and Technology began construction in Ocean University of China since 2001. In 2011, it has successfully approved first-level disciplines authorization of master’s degree. The discipline was supported by the National Key Discipline of Marine Chemistry, Key Laboratory of Marine Chemistry Theory and Technology of Ministry of Education; Key Laboratory of Qingdao Marine Fine Chemical, as well as Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Institute, etc. This discipline focuses on fundamental research, applied technology development and related social service in the field of chemical engineering and technology, and major research directions include seawater desalination, membrane separation and water treatment technology, process system engineering, gas and liquid desulfurization, electrochemical engineering, biochemical engineering, etc..

1 Seawater desalination, membrane separation and water treatment technology

2 Process system engineering

3 Removal of sulfur from fuel, flue gas and seawater

4 Electrochemical engineering

5 Biochemical engineering