Applied Chemistry

Applied Chemistry is an important discipline based on the basic theory of chemistry andstudies problems related to chemistry from the industrial production from theperspective of applied basic research and technology development research. Themaster program of Applied Chemistry of Ocean University of China was approvedin 1999, and later those of inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organicchemistry and physical chemistry were also approved. Applied Chemistry becamethe key discipline of ShandongProvince in 2007. Nowthis discipline includes a Demonstration Education Base of Basic ChemicalExperiment of Shandong Province, a Key Laboratory of Qingdao City and anApplied Chemistry Laboratory. Many achievements have been made in marine finechemicals, technique of protection to marine corrosion, utilization of chemicalresources in seawater and make an important contribution to promote localeconomic development in recent years.

1 Marine fine chemicals

Marinefine chemicals mainly include fine Chemicals, Functional Coordination Compounds.

2 Utilization ofchemical resources in seawater

3 Technique ofprotection to marine corrosion

Optimized design of cathodic protection(CP) and cathodic protection monitorsystem(CPMS)

In situ/on line corrosion monitor

Corrosion inhibitor

Surface finishing

4 Marine protectivematerial and application technique