Course Profile

There are two doctoral programs, Marine Chemistry, Marine Chemistry Engineering and Technology, and twelve master programs, i.e., Marine Chemistry, Marine Chemistry Engineering and Technology; Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Physics; Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Biological Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis.

Marine Chemistry is the study of the chemical composition and content of its parts, elements, and the existence of matter and chemical properties, various chemical processes in the form and distribution of migration and the change of chemistry resources development and utilization of science.It has the advantage and characteristics in studies of physicochemical process in the sea, marine biogeochemistry, marine environmental analysis and control of pollutants, development and utilization of chemical products.

Marine Chemistry Engineering and Technology is the interdisciplinary science and chemical engineering and technology. It studies marine resources development and utilization of, and marine environmental protection and the marine economic sustainable development for Target, will marine science in particular Marine Chemical Theory and chemical engineering and technology theory and new technologies phase combination of, study on sea desalination, and sea directly use, and sea chemical resources extraction, and marine energy development and utilization of, and sea environment corrosion and protection science, and technology and engineering problem, development marine chemical and chemical engineering new theory, and new method and new technologies.

Applied Chemistry is based on Applied Physical Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Fine Chemicals and Organic Functional Materials Chemistry and Corrosion and Protection of Materials Science, and Modern Instrumental Analysis, Applied Computer Technology.A solid, broad application of chemical experimental skills of the basic theoretical knowledge in ocean development, chemical industry, light industry, petrochemical industry, environmental protection, energy development and production, management and scientific research are trained.

Analytical Chemistry is a matter of chemical composition and structure of information science. It went through three big changes. Modern analytical chemistry has been developed by a number of closely related branches woven into a scientific system of analysis, involving chromatography, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, spectral analysis, thermal analysis, radiological analysis, chemical analysis, biological analysis and sensors, technique, sample separation and preconcentration methods, chemometrics, and surfaces, micro-region, forms analysis and other branches.

Chemical Engineering studies chemical thermodynamics, chemical transfer process separation engineering, chemical engineering science, engineering and technology, the development of new theories, new methods and technologies of Engineering Science, to guide the transformation of chemical process development, design, and the laochang.This subject also attached importance to both experimental study on the application of computer simulation study. Chemical engineering major in our university to address chemical engineering problems related to the marine economy as the main target, with a focus on developing anti - fouling, corrosion, catalytic reaction of membrane separation process and process systems engineering research and development work in areas such as, the development of water resources utilization, membrane separation, gas purification, Marine Corrosion and catalytic reaction engineering theory and technology.

Chemical Technology was dominated by chemical methods to change the material composition and structure of matter, producing new material for the purpose of production processes, and technology, it focuses on the routes and methods of solution products.School program for Master degree of chemical technology is the key subject under the program for Master degree of chemical, focusing on the research of green, efficient, safe, chemical routes, and performance control method, the current Main research direction of seawater utilization, desulfurization, marine, separation process optimization design of fine chemicals and other direction.