The predecessor of the
College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of OUC is theDepartment of Chemistry of National Qingdao University, which was establishedfrom 1930 to 1932. The Department of MarineChemistry was initially established in 1959, and enrolled postgraduates in1979. It set up the first master and doctor station ofMarine Chemistry in China respectively in 1982 and 1986. The marine chemistrymajor was approved in 1993 as “the National Base of Basic Scientific Researchand Teaching Personnel Training, and was assessed as excellent in 1999 and2004. The marine chemistrydiscipline was rated as one of the national key disciplines in 2002. In 2001, Qingdao Key Laboratory of Marine Fine Chemicals was approved as oneof the key laboratories in Qingdao, and the Key Laboratory of MarinePhysicochemistry as one of the key laboratories of colleges and universities inShandong province. In 2004, the marine chemistry discipline was approved as “TaishanScholar” distinguished professor post by Shandong municipal government. In2005, “Marine Chemical Theory and Engineering Technology Laboratory” was listedas a construction station for project among the key laboratories in theMinistry of Education, and was officially approved in 2009. Applied chemistrydiscipline was assessed as one of the key disciplines in Shandong province. Thelaboratory teaching center of basic chemical was rated as the demonstrationcenter for basic chemical laboratory teaching in Shandong province. Chemistry(or marine chemistry) major was assessed as the national characteristic specialty;the course group of marine chemistry was named as the national teaching group.The research group of marine chemistry was awarded as the excellent innovativegroup of National Research Foundation.

Under theCollege of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, there are the Department ofMarine Chemistry, the Department of Chemistry,
the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Institute ofMarine Chemistry and seawater utilization technology engineering center. Thereare in total 130 staff members in the College of Chemistry and ChemicalEngineering and the Key Laboratory of Marine Chemistry Theory and Technology ofthe Ministry of Education, including 33 professors, 31 associate professors,and 33 doctoral tutors (including part-time doctoral tutors). This discipline has one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2persons who won Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education,2 persons who wonShandong Taishan Scholar, 2 persons who was awarded the national preeminentyouth fund, one National Excellent teacher, 12 persons enjoying specialgovernment allowances, and 9 persons being the new (inter) century excellent talentsof the Ministry of Education.

Anacademic group with international influence has already taken shape, which islead by high-level experts in marine chemistry and well-known scholars at homeand abroad.

Over the past five years, the college undertook more than 400projects, including the national project called "973"and "863",the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Science and TechnologySupport Program and various provincial- and ministerial-level scientific andtechnological projects with the total funding more than 120 million yuan. Thecollege published an annual average of more than 200 scientific papers, andnearly one hundred of them were included in SCI and EI. It gained more than 10 nationalinvention patents yearly and 8 provincial and ministerial level scientific andtechnological awards in the past 5 years.
Our college shows obviouscomprehensive advantage in talent training and scientific research in marinechemistry. Disciplines like applied chemistry and chemical engineering havealso gained good momentum. We also have made remarkable results with economicand social effects in high and new technology and product development.

There are two doctoral stations in marine chemistry and marinechemical engineering and technology, 12 master stations of instructive degreein marine chemistry, marine chemical engineering and technology, inorganicchemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymerchemistry and physics, chemical engineering, chemical technology, biologicalchemistry, applied chemistry, industrial catalysis and a professionalengineering master station named chemical engineering. There are more than 500graduates in the college. We have more than 1200 pieces of advanced equipment (orsets) in our college, worth 50 million yuan. Our college attaches greatimportance to international exchanges and cooperation. Over the past five years,there have been more than 40 experts from the United States, Canada, Germanyand other countries who came to our college for academic exchanges andcooperation, and over 30 research and technical personnel who were sent abroad tostudy and more than 60 people who participated in international conferences.