Finance Department

Founded in 2006, Department of Economics now grants M.A. degrees in three faculties, namely Economics, National Economics and Industrial Economics.

Currently the department has 12 regular faculty, including 3 professors, 6 associate professors, and 3 lecturers, who offer specialized courses to students of the department as well as core courses open to the entire school. With young and middle aged scholars as the main body, the strong academic echelon is exerting great influences.

In recent years, the faculty has conducted more than 30 nationally, provincially and internationally-funded research projects, and received some awards from central or provincial governments, including Third Prize of Social Science Research in Ministry of Education in China, Second Prize of Social Science Research in Shandong Province. Over 10 academic writings have been published, and more than 200 academics papers have appeared in influential national or international journals such as Chinese Industrial Economics, Financial Research, The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,Economic Perspectives.

The department is committed to the research on the area of Microeconomics/Macroeconomics, Econometrics, History of Marine Economy, Corporate Finance, Resource and Environmental Economics and the training of research and innovation capacity for postgraduates. A large number graduate students have become the backbones of their employing unites and are now working at various important administration positions or becoming researchers.