Department of International Trade and Economy

Recent years, the department has taken a leading position in Shandong province in accomplishing over 50 national and provincial level projects, publishing over 30 works and over 600 research papers, including over 300 research papers on authoritative core periodicals and over 40 received Outstanding Accomplishment Awards at or above city and province level.

In terms of international cooperation, the department successively established academic exchange and cooperation relationship with many universities, such as Kunsan National University of Korea, Incheon University, Yonsei University, University of Applied Sciences of Germany, Netherlands University, Bergen University of Norway, Fishery Sciences University of Norway, New South Wales University of Australia, University of Rhode Island and so on.

Since 1997, the department has been in cooperation with the German Rosenheim Institute (now University of Applied Sciences of Germany) on "International Chinese Business Class" Project (ICBP). The project is offered twice a year. ICBP has been offered 34 times so far, training more than 1,100 students from Germany, France, the United States, Norway, Denmark, Australia and other countries.And it produceda good influence in the international arena.

At present, the department has offered all English teaching classon Master of International Business for overseas student since 2012 , International Trade and Economy undergraduate major program since 2013 and Korean students class on International Trade and Economy since 1999 .