School of Economics

School of Economics of Ocean University of China (OUC) was established based on economics and management undergraudate major in 1985.

The school pocesses three departments of International Economy and Trade, Finance and Economics nowadays. It has four undergraduate majors of Finance, International Economy and Trade, Logistics Management, Marine Economics.

The school has initiated nine academic master degree programs of finance, international trade,quantitative economics, labor economics, regional (or spatial) economics, industrial economics, national economics, western economics and public finance, and also four professional master degree programs of logistics engineering, international business, finance and insurance.

The doctoral degree program on applied economics was established since 2011. the program now enrolls Ph D students in major directions of resource exploitation and national sustainable deveopment, regional innovation and international cooperation, monetary & financial system and risk Management, labor income and fiscal policy have .

The school shares research forces with Institute of Marine Development, the MOE Project of Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities, and Research Center for China’s Marine Development co-sponsored by the MOE and State Oceanic Administration (SOA) . It also boasts several provincial key research centers and postgraduate majors.

The scool is staffed with 66 faculty members, including 19 professors and 17 associate professors among 54 teaching staff. Most of the teachers have doctorate degrees. The staff members have conducted national level research and international cooperation programs in fundamental and applied researches. The research team has abtained high reputations in marine economics researches in China in recent years.

The school has currently established friendly cooperative relations with more than 20 universities and research institutions from over 10 countries and regions of the world. It also initiated several undergraduate and postgraduate international students exchange programs with EU, USA, and Inida.