MA Education

Department of Social Sciences has 2 Master's Degree programs.

Marxism in China Studies focuses on the basic experience, basic rule and its theoretical achievements. With comprehensive study of historical process and basic experience, it reveals the unceasing development of Chinese Marxism. There are 3 research fields, namely Modern Chinese Society Studies,Socialist Market Economy, and CPC Building and Practice.

Ideological and Political Education focuses on the laws of morality formation and developmental, and laws in ideological and political education. Under the guidance of Marxism, this program, based on the social context both home and abroad, proceeds with social needs and individual development, focusing on the active and dynamic role of ideological and political education, and the environment, system, methods and ways conductive to this process. This program offers 2 fields, namely Theory and Practice ofIdeological and Political Education, and Ideological and Political Education and Human Development in Harmony.