The school of materials science and engineering was founded in 2002, which consist of the material chemistry department and department of polymeric materials science. At present there are 42 faculty and staff members, including 9 professors, 14 associated professors, one winner of the “first award for outstanding university teachers” in shandong province, 4 winners of the program for new century excellent talents in university, and there are a total of about 600 full-time students in the school. The school occupies an area of 7000 square meters for offices and laboratories, and has a key laboratory for special marine materials supported by shandong provincial government and an engineering research center of marine material and defending under the ministry of education. These research laboratoriesare fully furnished and utilized for various research activities from the processing to characterization, analysis, and the professional training.

   Within more than 10 years since it established, a high-level research team has been organized; lots of high-qualified scientific outcomes been published and many excellent students came forth.  Up to date, more than 100 research projects were carried out including high-tech r&d program of china (863), national natural science foudation of china (NSFC) and more than 350 papers are published on international and domestic journals. The school also encourages students to have original fundamental investigation and promoting the applications developmentfor major national science and technology demands. Many undergraduate programs have been carried on for the undergraduate students such as “excellent engineer training program” by the ministry of education and the national undergraduate training program of innovation and entrepreneurship. Excellent students will have chances of being guaranteed to postgraduate or doctorate degrees.