Guan Huashi, Professor

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Laboratory of Glycoscience and Glycotechnology

School of Medicine and Pharmacy

Ocean University of China

5 Yushan Road, Qingdao 266003, P. R. China

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Guan Huashi was born in Xiajin, Shandong province, and graduated from Shandong Maritime College (renamed Ocean University of China) in 1964. He was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1995. As a marine pharmacologist, Professor Guan Huashi is one of the most prominent pioneers and founders of Marine Pharmaceuticals in China.

After graduation, Guan Huashi served as assistant teacher, lecturer, associate professor and deputy dean of the Department of Fisheries, professor, deputy dean of College of Fisheries, and vice president, Secretary-general of the CPC, president of Ocean University of China. He was the representative of the Ninth and Tenth National Congress, vice chairman of the People’s Political Consultative Conference of Shandong Province and the chairman of the Fifth and Sixth Science and Technology Association of Shandong Province. In May 1995, he was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Now he is a professor and supervisor of doctoral students of Ocean University of China as well as the director of the National Engineering Center for Marine Drug Research. He is the executive director of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, chairman of the Professional Committee of Marine Drugs, and director of Expert Advisory Committee for Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Construction.

Professor Guan has been engaged in the development of marine biological resources as well as the teaching and research of marine pharmaceuticals and food engineering. In 1960s, he participated in the project of the Industrialization of Algae Iodine-Extracting Technology.In 1970s, he led and finished the project of Recycled Use of the Byproducts of Kelp after Iodine-extraction, and successfully invented four new products including Emulsifier for Agricultural Use, which hence made substantial contribution to the industry of iodine of China. In 1980s, he invented the first modern marine drug, PSS, which not only greatly benefited society and economy, but also initiated and promoted the development of marine drug research in China. In 1990s, a series of marine drugs and functional products including Gan-Tang-Zhi, Hai- Li-Te and Jiang-Tang-Ning were successfully invented and put into production. These inventions made fundamental contribution to the rise, development and maturity of marine pharmaceutical industry in China. In order to promote sustained and healthy development of China's algae industry and further development of glycobiology research, Professor Guan and his team conquered several key problems and made break-through in the use and preparation of marine oligosaccharides including alginate, agar, carrageenan and chitosan. The system of industrialization of the preparation of marine oligosaccharides and the first databank of marine oligosaccharides were built up. Based on the marine oligosaccharide database, four first-class marine drug candidates are currently being studied in different clinical trials and their potential market effect is highly attractive. This achievement not only promoted the sustained development of algae industry and further study of marine glycochemistry and glycobiology, but also provided vital theoretical and technological support to the research of marine drugs and new economic growth point. In 2009, Professor Guan has compiled a comprehensive encyclopedia entitled Chinese Marine Materia Medica that is set to become a classic. The encyclopedia of Chinese Marine Materia Medica provides an important scientific foundation for the research and development of modern marine drugs and an informative basis for policy makers to make scientific decisions on the use and protection of marine medicinal bioresources.

In the long term of accumulated efforts, Professor Guan established the bachelor degree program of pharmacy featured by marine drug study and National Engineering Center for Marine Drug Research. And gradually marine drug research, development and industrialization system and high-level personal training system were founded. More than ten national and provincial awards were given to professor Guan Huashi, including the first prize of National Technology Invention Award, National Conference of Science and Technology Award, Third Prize for National Science and Technology Advance, the Highest Award of Science and Technology in Shandong Province, Ho Leung Ho Lee Prize and the First Prize of National Technical Invention etc.