Post-doctoral Mobile Station


Pharmaceutical Postdoctoral Mobile Station(School of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ocean University of China), which was established in August 2007, has cultured 6 Postdoctors. 9 Postdoctors are on research currently. The station recruits 3-5 Postdoctoral researchers every year.

School of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ocean University of China, belongs to Pharmaceutical first discipline, featured in marine drugs, while Pharmaceutical Chemistry is the key discipline of Shandong province. It has been one of the national key universities according to “Project 985” and “Project 211”, but also the technological platform of comprehensive drug research, one of the main undertakers of constructing New Drugs Center in Shandong. In addition, the school is equipped with the systematic technology platform for marine drug research and development, including the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Marine Drugs, Key Laboratory of carbohydrates and carbohydrates project in Shandong Province; National Marine Engineering Technology Research Center for Drug Research and “Laboratory of National Marine Drugs and Biological Products” is on preparation.

Currently, There is an excellent team that is led by an academician, was honored with the Outstanding Innovation Team of Ministry of Education and Shandong Province in 2009. There are 73 staffs in the station now, including 20 professors, 17 associate professors; 15 doctoral tutors, and 32 master tutors. Our teams include one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, one distinguished expert overseas who was “Taishan Scholar” of Shandong Province as well, one “Green card Talents Project” Professor, five “New Century Excellent Talents” of the Ministry of Education; one expert who engaged in “Project 863” of 12th Five- Year Plan in the marine technology area, one second trial expert of the 13th National Natural Science Foundation, Shandong Province, one youth expert with outstanding contributions, and 2 experts who are enjoying special government allowances.

Since 2009, the school has been in charge of more than 122 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, such as the major science and technology programs of “Project 973”, “Project 863”, “Major New Drugs” and so forth, funded over 110 millions RMB Yuan. The school has developed the first modern marine medicine-Propylene Glycol Alginate Sodium (PSS) with the international advanced level. The developed drugs “PGMS”, “Hailite”, “Hypoglycemic rather scattered” and other products of bioengineering have realized industrialization. Currently, four national first-class drugs have been the candidates in clinical studies and 3 marine drugs are in the systematic pre-clinical research stage.

Since 2009, the school has published 421 papers in SCI, including 10 papers of the top 5% journals (1 district, Anal Chem, Cancer Res, Bioresource Technol), 60 papers of the top 20% journals (Zone 2, Org Lett, J Med Chem, J Biol Chem, Mol Pharmacol, Carbohy Poly, etc.) and 60 authorized patents. The school also compiles the Chinese first large-scale Ocean Drug Classics- <Chinese Marine Materia Medica>, some distinctive teaching materials like <Marine Pharmacology> and <Carbohydrates Pharmacology>. The researches have won the National Scientific Conference Award, National Level 3 Progressional Award, and other significant provincial and national awards, a total of more than 10. Especially “The preparation technique of Ocean features oligosaccharide and its development and application”, which won the State Technological Invention Award first prize in 2009, was also the first award of Chinese marine and aquatic science.

Research Fields:

Main research directions include:

(1) Marine glycochemistry and glycobiology;

(2) Marine Drugs and Functional Products;

(3) Marine Natural Products Chemistry;

(4) Marine Medicinal Biological Resources;

(5) Drugs designing and synthesizing;

(6) Pharmacological;

(7) Pharmaceutical Analysis;

(8) Medical Molecular Biology;

(9) Pharmaceutical Preparation;

(10) Marine medicine chemistry.

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   Director of the mobile stations and the Contacts

   The head: Huashi Guan(Dean), Tel: 0532-82032077

The contacts: Dehai Li(Assistant Dean), Tel: 053282031619, Address: Yushan Road 5,Qingdao, School of Medicine and Pharmacy, OUC, Zip code: 266003, E-mail: