International Symposium on Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles held in Qingdao

The 2nd International Symposium on Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles, co-hosted by the Institute of Offshore Environmental Pollution Control of Ocean University of China (OUC), Qingdao National Laboratory of Marine Science and Technology and National Natural Science Foundation of China, was held in Qingdao from April 29 until 30, 2016. 

Convened by Prof. Wang Zhenyu with the College of Environmental Science and Engineering of OUC and Prof. Xing Baoshan with the University of Massachusetts, the symposium was focused on the “toxicity, detection and application of nanoparticles in the environment”. This meeting was also participated by and Prof. Li Huajun, vice president of OUC.

Nine renowned experts from home and abroad were invited to give key-note presentations, to summarize and share the latest research progress in the environmental effects of nanoparticles. Participants also discussed nanoparticle-related theories, methods and technologies.

OUC Vice President Li Huajun congratulated the convocation of this meeting on behalf of the university, and extended gratitude to Prof. Xing Baoshan for his contribution to the disciplinary development, research and education at OUC. “OUC attaches great importance to the work done by the research team led by Prof. Wang and Prof. Xing. Recently our university has established the Institute of Offshore Environmental Pollution Control to support their research work. OUC will continue to support their academic activities,” said Vice President Li.

The nine key-note speakers are  Prof. Jiang Guibin, Academician with the Research Center for the Ecological Environment, CAS, Prof. Jorge Gardea-Torresdey with University of Texas who is also associate editor-in-chief of Environmental Science and Technology,  Prof. Jason White, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Prof. Jason Unrine with University of Kentucky, Prof. Xing Baoshan, University of Massachusetts, Chen Chunying, research fellow of National Nanoscience Center and also the winner of National Outstanding Youth Foundation, Prof. Yan Bing with Shandong University and distinguished professor of Cheung Kong Scholars, Prof. Lin Daohui with Zhejiang University and winner of National Outstanding Youth Foundation, and Prof. Chen Wei with Nankai University who is the winner of National Outstanding Youth Foundation.  In addition, Mr. Liu Yu and Mr. Liu Zhe from the Comprehensive and Strategic Planning Program, Division of Geosciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China were present at the symposium.

During the symposium, the key-note speakers had interaction with the OUC faculty and students present at the meeting. More than 100 academics from over 40 universities and research institutions participated in this conference.

The 1st International Symposium of Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles was held in Qingdao in April, 2015.

Participants pose for a group photo

Translated by Sam ZHENG

Proofread by William ZOU