OUC Students Excel at 2016 MCM/ICM

OUC students have won four Meritorious Winner Awards and 14 Honorable Mention Awards in Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) held in February, 2016. This exciting result was announced by Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application (COMAP).

Organized by the School of Mathematical Sciences and College Students Base for Mathematics Innovation Practice, and under the guidance of the faculty members including Cao Shengshan, Gao Xiang, Chen Piwei, and Lv Kebo, altogether 35 teams, totally 105 students from OUC have won amazing awards after four consecutive days and nights, winning a record high awards in this contest.

The contest consists of MCM (Mathematical Contest in Modelling) and ICM (Interdisciplinary Contest in Modelling), which was started in 1985 by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application (COMAP). Since then, the MCM/ICM has been successfully held thirty-two times. As an internationally well-known and influential competition, it attracts college students worldwide from the USA (Harvard University, MIT), China (Tsinghua University, Peking University), and other prestigious universities every year. 

Each team would analyze and solve the concrete problems in the contest within four days. Contestants would build a rational and efficient mathematical model and work it out by programing; additionally, they should further discuss the rationality of the outcome, validation of the model, as well as possible flaws of the model. According to the analysis of the calculated results, they shall make reasonable proposals to relevant department, and finally submit a paper in smooth English with clear structure and summary. Therefore, the contest requires the competitors to have an excellent command of mathematical, computing and thesis writing skills in addition to academic English expression and teamwork capacity. 

Translated by Daphne YAN and Sam ZHENG

Proofread by William ZOU