Teaching Guidance and Consultancy

The teaching supervision team and course evaluation team, the members of which are     appointed by OUC, will carry out effective teaching guidance and consultancy by attending classes regularly. As for problems in courses or teachers who have requirements, experts are organized in group to providespecial guidance; as for the colleges and departments that have suchrequirements, experts are invited to attend their teachers’ forums and seminarson teaching.

Talks and Seminars

Focusing on the hot issues of OUC’s education and teaching reform, about five talks or lectures on teaching activities are held each year for teachers to do self-evaluation of their own teaching and communicate with each other. Meanwhile, famous experts and scholars from home and abroad are invited to give at least five seminars andworkshops each year to teachers and students, with a view to introducing new ideas about higher education and useful experience from both home and abroad.In doing so, different thoughts of deepening educational reform are formed,which is instrumental to the building of a campus culture in which more attention will be paid to teaching academics. In 2009 the center held the first international conference on “marine education”. The center will continue tohold more international and domestic conferences on teaching and education.

Lectures for New Faculty Members

Every year, lectures on how to improve teaching ability given by experienced teachers are held for newly recruited faulty members. These lectures cover a wide variety of topics including moral development, rules and regularity of classroom teaching, language expressionsused in teaching.

Classroom Teaching Observations

About five teaching observation and group discussion activities are organized each year. The teacher who is observed will introduce teaching experience and his or her organization and design inclassroom teaching which is reviewed by the teaching supervision team members,peer specialists and education experts. By sharing and communicating among the participants, analysis and studies of the teacher’s classroom teaching can bestrengthened.

Teacher Training


Training Program for Top Quality Courses

Established at OUC’s Center for DigitalCourse Resources, Qingdao branch of HigherEducation InstitutionsTeacher OnlineTraining Center carries out online training for university and college faculty members, such as the training program for top quality courses. Each year, quite a few excellent training courses are offered online to teachers of institutions of higher learning nationwide.

Training Program for Teaching in Foreign Language


OUC’s Personnel Office organizes foreign language training classes on a regular basis and selects teachers to attend training programs abroad, so as to improve teachers’ language proficiency and ability to communicate with their colleagues from other parts of the world.

Advanced Studies Program for Teaching

Office of Education Administration and Personnel Office selects teachers who will attend short-term seminars andworkshops as well as advanced courses for backbone teachers. All the above training programs are centered around curriculum system and teaching reform, in order to better teachers’ ability to teach and educate their students.

Teaching Awards

Faulty members who made outstanding contributions will be granted various awards, such as “LG Teaching ExcellentAwards”, “Bank of Communication  Fund forTeachers”, “Undergraduate Teaching Award”, “Excellent Teachers Award”.