Reading in Library

1. A campus e-card is needed to enter the library via the access control system. after entering the library, readers are free to read in any reading section.

2.  Readers are required to observe the library regulations and keep the reading rooms quiet and clean

3. All books in the library are on open shelves.

4.The books need to be kept on the carrel or the book trolley after reading. do not leave them about or hide them; readers would be viewed as violating the rules if books are brought out of the library without completing the procedure for borrowing.

5.All books must be handled with great care. do not stain, tear, lean on, or mark the books. in case of damage, the book needs to be compensated at one to five times of its original price, according to the extent of damage.

6.Please keep the overall layout of the reading room unchanged. do not move the furniture or facilities. do not inscribe or scribble on the furniture or facilities.

Regulation of Circulation

1.Readers shall borrow books with their own e-card; the books shall neither be lent to others nor borrowed on behalf of other people. on breach of these regulations, the e-card will be detained for two weeks, and the reader shall be held responsible for any consequences thereof. in case one borrows books with other people’s e-cards without their consent, the e-card of the imposter will be confiscated, and they will be disqualified from book borrowing and be dealt with by relevant departments.

2.Book-borrowing and returns are managed by huiwen system (library automatic integrated system). if you have any questions about the procedures on borrowing or returning books, please go to the reception desk at either campus.

3.Preserved copies, chinese and foreign-language reference books, special collections on marine subjects, and ancient works are for reading in the library only.

4.Before borrowing, please check to see if there are any missing pages or smears, and ask the staff to stamp a seal if there are any. otherwise, the current reader will be held responsible for damages.

5.Please make sure the book(s) you return has (have) been recorded in the system before you leave the library; books can be returned at either campuses.