Qingdao International Service for Education Exchange

Qingdao international service for education exchange (qisee) “world library” book exhibition center.


QISEE is a non-profit service organization specializing in international exchange of donated books, which has facilitated the distribution of more than one million donated books from the world to nearly thousands of libraries and numerous institutions of higher learning, faculty members, and students in china.


"World library project"is a public welfare project of xiangyu public culture under china foundation for the development of social culturecfdsc. The project is mainly engaged in receiving books donated by overseas non-governmental organizations to china and distributing them to the organizations and individuals who are in need of books in foreign languages.


Since 2013, our department has cooperated with “the world library project” and set up the “library book exhibition center of qingdao” in the libraries of ouc, in order to better carrying out international book donations.


Currently, the international book donations we receive are collected by “the bridge of asia” foundation in the united states.They are quality books that cover a broad spectrum of disciplines. The international donation has become an important means for many domestic libraries to enrich the collection of original foreign books, serving as great reference materials for graduate students, as well as junior or senior undergraduate students.


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