Digital Course Resources


Based on network technology and e-learning,OUC’ Center for Digital Course Resources integrates and utilizes the university’s digital course resources. Their work involves the development and application of network teaching platform as well as network resources of top quality courses, research and implementation of teaching model based on online educational programs. The center is responsible for the opening up and sharing of top-quality course resources from OUC and other institutions of higher learning. The center also collects, edits and releases video materials for course teaching in addition to organizing training programs on how to use technical platforms and multimedia devices, as well as providing technical support for teaching activities.

OUC has established a website for teaching and learning ( with the university’s own features,which combines network education platform, resource database, teaching equipment management, release of teaching-related information andvideo-on-demand as well as other network applications to provide teachingassistance in accordance with the principle of blended teaching.

Three network education platforms have been set up, including Blackboard, 21st Century English and Lancoo Language Learning. And two course resources databases have been introduced, including a database of digital course resources and a website for the National Top-quality Course Resources ( In addition, 240 courses offered by OUC have been video-taped, which is over 1,000 teaching hours. The total capacity of courseware and auto-visual materials reaches two trillion bytes.

Teaching Research and Library Resources

More than 1,000 volumes of books on education and teaching are available in the reference room of Center for Enhanced Teaching and Learning. The center organizes and carries out educational and teaching reform as well as the research on faculty development.At present, quite a few projects at the national, provincial and university levels are being undertaken by the center, which has won a first prize at provincial level and a second prize at national level in the past two years.The center also plans to compile Guidance for a Teaching Career after it has published two books, i.e. In Pursuit of Quality and Communication and Dialogue,both of which reflect OUC’s work in teaching evaluation, supervision as well as its support for teaching.