The Library of OUC, consistently upholding the service code of “All for Readers,” dedicates itself to providing pleasant and convenient services. The facilities of the two campuses adopt the “One-Door” service, allowing users to borrow and return books in either of the libraries, which are open 98 hours per week, with electronic materials available to users 24/7. The reading section integrates services of book collections, venues for reading, data consultation, and inquiry handling. In addition, readers can enjoy such seamless and secure services online as data retrieval, book renewal, book-purchase recommendations, and Video-On-Demand. The E-reading Section is open to readers 14 hours a day for free. The capability and quality of such services as reservation and commissioned borrowing, online inquiry, user instructions, literature retrieval, inter-library loan, and literature exchange continue to improve, and the development of the E-library makes strides as well. The library houses a Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval Workstation of the Ministry of Education which provides services to institutions of higher-learning, as well as research institutions. Currently, the service mode of the library of OUC has been transformed from the traditional “sole service of book borrowing and reading” into the “comprehensive digital service.”