Museum of OUC History

The Museum of OUC History located on the first floor, Zone B in the library at the Laoshan campus. Covering an area of 1,000m2, it was officially opened up in October, 2007. As the first history museum of OUC, it is featured with gracefulness and elegance. The museum illustrates the material objects with pictures and captions, witnessing nearly 90 years of OUC’s history. There are about 2,000 photos on exhibition, also some precious historical documents, representing different periods of history.

The museum is divided into five sections, namely, the Introduction, the Historical Development of OUC, the Recent Achievements, the Great Names, and the Bright Perspectives.

The Historical Development of OUC section shows the university’s progress from the Private University of Qingdao, National University of Qingdao, National University of Shandong, Shandong University, Shandong College of Oceanography, Ocean University of Qingdao to Ocean University of China.

The Recent Achievements section are partly presented by the achievements in seven aspects such as team building, education, academic disciplines, scientific research, overseas exchanges, support system and cultural advancement from the period between 1988 and 2007.

The Great Names section introduces 133 eminent figures and revolutionary martyrs in the past 80-plus years. The exhibition highlights the university’s strength in marine science while displaying a rich flavor of culture and history.