Our Heritage

Mathematics in our university originated from the mathematics department of National Qingdao University established in 1930. In 1958, the main part of Shandong University moved to Jinan, and some mathematics teachers who stayed in Qingdao established the mathematics teaching and research group, which started the history of the development of mathematics in our university.


Approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, we formally established the undergraduate program of applied mathematics (one of the first five universities in China) in 1979, and were approved to establish the mathematics department. In November 2007, it was officially renamed the school of mathematical sciences.


Through continuous efforts and persistence from generation to generation, the discipline of mathematics in our college has developed rapidly and achieved fruitful results. At the same time, we have cultivated a large number of outstanding teachers and top talents in science and technology, contributing to the society. Of course, all the development and achievements are inseparable from the care and support of alumni and the community. Today, as China’s flagship university, we continue to be in service of country and society.