Laboratory of Molecular Medicine

    Laboratory of Molecular Medicine (LMM) was established in 2005. Both Professor Huashi Guan (the former president of OUC) and so on are honor directors of LMM. Research areas in the LMM include 1) basic biology of molecular medicine; 2) roles of biomolecules in regulating development, growth, reproduction, and aging; 3) establishment of animal models of human disease; 4) chemical biology and compound screening by using zebrafish. Research in the LMM is supported by NSFC and MOST. 


Yun Li, professor

Jianfeng Zhou, professor

Ling Lu, associate professor

Yunzhang Liu, engineer

Recent Publications

Zhou J., Xiang J., Zhang S., and Duan C. (2013) Structural and functional analysis of the amphioxus IGFBP gene uncovers ancient origin of IGF-independent functions.

Endocrinology. 154(10):3753-63.

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