Research Groups

Lab of Biomaterials & Biochemistry


Research Interests

1. Development and functionalization of marine biomaterials;

2. Design and preparation of drug delivery carriers;

3. Tissue regeneration and repairment;

4. Biological production and fabrication.

Group Members


Dr. CHEN Xiguang  陈西广


Dr. KONG Ming  孔明


Dr. CHENG Xiaojie  程晓杰

Associate Professor

Dr. LIU Ya  刘雅

Associate Professor

WANG Hualong

Dr. FENG Chao  冯超



1 projects of NSFC-Shandong Province joint project

9 projects of General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

3 projects of Young Scientists Fund Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

4 programs of MOST national international Science and technology cooperation

Representative Publications and Achievements

1. X.G. Chen, Z. Wang, W.S. Liu, H.J. Park*. The effect of carboxymethyl -chitosan on proliferation and collagen secretion of normal and keloid skin fibroblasts. Biomaterials. 2002,23: 4609-4614. (IF:10.317)

2. Kong, M., Chen, X., Xing, K., Park, H. J*. Antimicrobial properties of chitosan and mode of action: a state of the art Review. International Journal of Food microbiology, 2010, 144(1), 51-63. (IF 4.187)

3. Ya Liu, Li-Li Li, Guo-Bin Qi, Yun-Shan Fan, Xi-Guang Chen*, Hao Wang*. Dynamic Disordering of Co-Assemblied Liposomal Cocktails: Spatio-Temporal Controlled Release of Cargoes to Circumvent Drug Resistance. Biomaterials 35 (2014) 3406-3415. (IF: 10.317)

4. Y. Liu, D. Zhang, Z.Y. Qiao, G.B. Qi, X.J. Liang, X.G. Chen*, H. Wang*. A Peptide-Network Weaved Nanoplatform with Tumor Microenvironment Responsiveness and Deep Tissue Penetration Capability for Cancer Therapy. Advanced Materials, 2015,27: 5034-42. (IF:27.398)

5. Chao Feng*, Jing Li, Guangsheng Wu, Yuzhi Mu, Ming Kong, Changqing Jiang, Xiaojie Cheng, Ya Liu, Xiguang Chen*, Chitosan-Coated Diatom Silica as Hemostatic Agent for Hemorrhage Control, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2016, 8(50): 34234-34243.(IF:8.758)

6. Kong, M., Lee, J., Yazdi, I. K., Miri, A. K., Lin, Y. D., Seo, J. Zhang, Y. S., Khademhosseini, A.*, Shin, S*. Cardiac Fibrotic Remodeling on a Chip with Dynamic Mechanical Stimulation. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 8(3), 1801146. (IF 7.367)

7. Jing Li1, Xiaojie Sun1, Kaichao Zhang, Guoning Yang, Yuzhi Mu, Chang Su, Jianhui Pang, Tongtong Chen, Xiguang Chen, Chao Feng*, Chitosan/Diatom-Biosilica Aerogel with Controlled Porous Structure for Rapid Hemostasis, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2020, 9(21): 2000951. (IF:7.367)

8. Zhou, Z., Pang, J., Wu, X., Wu, W., Kong, M*. Reverse immune suppressive microenvironment in tumor draining lymph nodes to enhance anti-PD1 immunotherapy via nanovaccine complexed microneedle. Nano Research, 2020, 13, 1509–1518. (Cover Article, IF 8.183)

9. S. Bi, C. Feng, M. Wang, M. Kong, Y. Ya, X. Cheng, X. Wang, X. Chen*.Temperature responsive self-assembled hydroxybutyl chitosan nanohydrogel based on homogeneous reaction for smart window. Carbohydrate Polymers,2020, 229 : 115557. (IF:7.182)

10. Q.S.Gu, X.G.Chen, C.R.Zhao,《Chitosan Based Marine Biomedical Materials》, ISBN:978-7-5478-4723-7, Series of Marine Biomedical Materials (2), Shanghai Science and Technology Press.

Representative Publications and Achievements

Accomplished 2 patents transfer to company