Research Groups

Lab of Morphogenesis & Evolution


Research Interests

Cellular processes and regulatory mechanisms of tubulogenesis;

Mechanisms of tissue elongation and retraction;

Biophysical basis of morphogenesis and organogenesis;

The origin of important organs, genomic basis of adaptation, and co-evolution of the host with its microorganisms.

Group Members


Dr. DONG Bo  董波


Dr. YU Haiyan  于海燕

Associate Professor

Dr. YANG Xiuxia  杨秀霞

Associate Professor

Dr. LYU Zhiyi  吕志一

Associate Professor

WANG HualongHE Hui

Dr. WEI Jiankai  隗健凯


Dr. YANG Likun  杨立昆



General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC): 4 projects

Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC): 2 projects

Key Project of Intergovernmental International Cooperation on Scientific and Technological Innovation: 1 project

Key Scientific and Technical Innovation Projects of Shandong Province: 2 projects

Representative Publications and Achievements

1. Lu Q#, Gao Y#, Fu Y, Peng H, Shi W, Li B, Lv Z, Feng X, Dong B*, Ciona embryonic tail bending is driven by asymmetrical notochord contractility and coordinated by epithelial proliferation. Development. 2020. 147. doi:10.1242/dev.185868. (Research highlight, IF=5.61)

2. Wei J, Zhang J, Lu Q, Ren P, Guo X, Wang J, Li X, Chang Y, Duan S, Wang S, Yu H, Zhang X, Yang X, Gao H, Dong B*, Genomic basis of environmental adaptation in the leathery sea squirt (Styela clava). Molecular Ecology Resources. 2020. (Highlight paper, IF=6.28)

3. Bhattachan P, Rae J, Yu H, Jung W, Wei J, Parton R. G, and Dong B*, Ascidian caveolin induces membrane curvature and protects tissue integrity and morphology during embryogenesis. The FASEB Journal, 2020, 34 (1): 1345-1361. (IF=5.33)

4. Sehring I, Recho P, Denker E, Kourakis M, Mathiesen B, Hannezo E*, Dong B*, Jiang D*. 2015. Assembly and positioning of actomyosin rings by contractility and planar cell polarity. eLife 4: e09206. (Highlightfaculty of 1000 recommendation, IF=8.33)

5. Hannezo E#, *, Dong B#, *, Recho P, Joanny JF, Hayashi S. 2015. A cortical instability drives periodic supracellular actin pattern formation in epithelial tubes. PNAS 112 (28): 8620-8625. (IF=9.28)

6. Dong B, Hayashi S. Shaping of biological tubes by mechanical interaction of cell and extracellular matrix. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development, 2015, 32: 129-134. (IF=7.82)

7. Sehring I#, Dong B#, Denker E, Bhattachan P, Deng W, Mathiesen B, Jiang D. An equatorial contractile mechanism drives cell elongation but not cell division. PLoS Biology, 2014,12(2): e1001781. (faculty of 1000 recommendation. IF=10.21)

8. Dong B*, Hannezo E, Hayashi S*. 2014. Balance between apical membrane growth and luminal matrix resistance determines the shape of epithelial tubule. Cell Reports 7(4): 941-950. (IF=8.21)

9. Dong B, Miao GX, Hayashi S. A fat body-derived apical extracellular matrix enzyme is transported to the tracheal lumen and is required for tube morphogenesis in Drosophila. Development, 2014 141 (21): 4104-4109. (Highlight paper, IF=6.62)

10. Dong B, Kakihara K, Otani T, Wada H, Hayashi S. 2013. Rab9 and retromer regulate retrograde trafficking of luminal protein required for epithelial tube length control. Nature Communications 4, 1358. (IF=12.34)