Research Groups

Lab of Biochemistry & Marine Biomaterials


Research Interests

1. Micro / nano medical biomaterials (drug delivery carriers);

2. Application of edible micro / nano materials in functional food (nutrient delivery system);

3. Application of micro / nano biotechnology in cosmetics (carrier of active substances);

4. Isolation, identification and application of extracellular products of microorganisms;

5. Aptamer based drug delivery and biosensor

Group Members


Dr. LIU Chenguang  刘晨光


Dr. CHI Zhe  池哲

Associate Professor


1. The General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No: 31500029)

2. The General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of Shan Dong (Grant No: zr2018mc010)

3. The Key R&D Program of Shandong Province (Grant No. 2019GSF107031)

Representative Publications and Achievements

[1] Jiang F , Chi Z , Ding Y , et al. Wound Dressing Hydrogel of Enteromorpha prolifera Polysaccharide–Polyacrylamide Composite: A Facile Transformation of Marine Blooming into Biomedical Material[J]. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13(12).

[2] Ding Y , Jiang F , Chen L , et al. An Alternative Hard Capsule Prepared with the High Molecular Weight Pullulan and Gellan: Processing, Characterization, and In Vitro Drug Release[J]. Carbohydrate Polymers, 2020, 237:116172.

[3] Zhang P , Guo X , Liu C *. Fabrication of Carboxylmethyl Chitosan Nanocarrier via Self-Assembly for Efficient Delivery of Phenylethyl Resorcinol in B16 Cells[J]. Polymers, 2020, 12(2):408.

[4] Kazharska M , Ding Y , Arif M , et al. Cellulose nanocrystals derived fromEnteromorpha prolifera and their use in developing bionanocomposite filmswith water-soluble polysaccharides extracted from E. prolifera. InternationalJournal of Biological Macromolecules 2019 134:390-396.

[5] Luan L ,Chi Z ,Liu C . Chinese White Wax Solid Lipid Nanoparticles as a Novel Nanocarrier of Curcumin for Inhibiting the Formation of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms[J]. Nanomaterials, 2019, 9(5).

[6] Cong Y ,Geng J ,Wang H , et al. Ureido-modified carboxymethyl chitosan-graft-stearic acid polymeric nano-micelles as a targeted delivering carrier of clarithromycin for Helicobacter pylori : Preparation and in vitro evaluation[J]. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2019, 129:686-692.

[7] Lu Y , Liu G , Jiang H , et al. An insight into the iron acquisition and homeostasis in Aureobasidium melanogenum HN6.2 strain through genome mining and transcriptome analysis[J]. Functional and Integrative Genomics, 2018, 19(11).

[8] Zhang Z , Lu Y , Chi Z* , et al. Genome editing of different strains of Aureobasidium melanogenum using an efficient Cre/loxp site-specific recombination system - ScienceDirect[J]. Fungal Biology, 2019, 123(10):723-731.

[9] Xue S , Chen L , Jiang H , et al. High pullulan biosynthesis from high concentration of glucose by a hyperosmotic resistant, yeast-like fungal strain isolated from a natural comb-honey.[J]. Food chemistry, 2019, 286(15):123-128.

[10] Jiang H , Xue S , Li Y , et al. Efficient transformation of sucrose into high pullulan concentrations by Aureobasidium melanogenum TN1-2 isolated from a natural honey.[J]. Food Chemistry, 2018, 257(AUG.15):29-35.