Research Groups

Lab of Applied Microbial Technology


Research Interests

Motivation the functions of microbial community in the bioprocess, food chain, aquaculture and ecosystem. Dealing with microbial process of marine water and land-based products and residues.

(1) Initiator of intelligent micro-ecosystem. The application of Marine microbial community organization and structure analysis technology to study the role of beneficial microorganisms in marine microecosystem and the food chain at the seedling stage of marine culture

(2) Marine microbial flora research, with microbial fingerprint, fluorescence in situ hybridization, flow cytometry and high-throughput sequencing and functional gene analysis technology.

(3) The enrichment culture and isolation and identification techniques of potential beneficial bacteria and develop of probiotic products.

Group Members


Dr. QI Zizhong  祁自忠

Associate Professor

Dr. HAN Yin  韩茵

Associate Professor

KONG Xinxin  孔鑫鑫

YANG Zhenyu  杨镇宇

WANG HualongHE Hui

LI Furui  李馥睿

PENG Hao  彭浩


Collaborator in State Oceanic Administration project “Oceanic resource survey-picoplankton and nanoplankton” in North yellow sea and Qingdao coastal area.

Collaborator in the Key technology R&D program of Ministry and Science and Technology “Integrated algae and shellfish cultures in shallow seawater-Integration and Demonstration”

Collaborator in the High-tech program of Ministry and Science and Technology “Self-clean anti-fouling coat in deep sea environment”.

Collaborator in 4 NSFC projects “Hemolysin in marine Vibrios”, “Functions of hemolysin in V. harveyi”,” CO2 concentration gene clone and expression in Arthrospira (Spirulina)” and  “Respiratory Metabolism to Sulfide Exposure in Urechis unicinctus”

Coordinator in NSFC project “The relationship of disease with the composition and dynamics of microbial communities on sea cucumber and abalone seeds settlement plates”

Representative Publications and Achievements

1.Probiotics and preparation method for prevention and treatment of rot skin syndrome of sea cucumbers. 2018, National invention patent, No. ZL201410657397.19.

2.A method of combined treatment of aquaculture wastewater with respectively immobilized nitrifying bacteria and Bacillus. 2021, National invention patent, No. ZL201810426418.7.

3.Preparation and application of microspheres immobilized by nitrifying bacteria. 2021, National invention patent, No. ZL201810426426.1.

4.Detection of different quorum-sensing signal molecules in a virulent Edwardsiella tarda strain LTB-4. Han, Y., Li, X., Qi, Z., Zhang, X.-H., Bossier, P. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 2010, 108(1), pp. 139–147

5.Analysis of the evolution of microbial communities associated with different cultures of rotifer strains belonging to different cryptic species of the Brachionus plicatilis species complex. Qi, Z., Dierckens, K., Defoirdt, T., ...Bao, Z., Bossier, P. Aquaculture, 2009, 292(1-2), pp. 23–29

6.Probiotics in aquaculture of China - Current state, problems and prospect. Qi, Z., Zhang, X.-H., Boon, N., Bossier, P. Aquaculture, 2009, 290(1-2), pp. 15–21

7.Effects of feeding regime and probionts on the diverting microbial communities in rotifer Brachionus culture. Qi, Z., Dierckens, K., Defoirdt, T., ...Bao, Z., Bossier, P. Aquaculture International, 2009, 17(4), pp. 303–315



Field Experience

Application of novel probiotics in aquaculture, including fish, shrimp, sea cucumber and algae culture. Lab research results the “Intelligence Microbial Ecosystem” which was implanted in the operating of probiotic production plants, nitrification reactors and live feed and recirculating aquaculture system. Field experience includes the application of functional microbial communities for the health of domestic animals, and waste water and solid waste treatments, and re-utilize by-products of vegetable processing. Lab is working closely with industrial partners, resulted the novel brand ‘BePro®’, Lab members are leading the group of scientific diving and underwater bio-survey both for education and scientific research.