JIANG Yong 姜勇

Lab of Viral & Microbial Diversity

Yong Jiang  姜勇


Ph.D. Aquaculture/Marine Ecology


Tel: 86 532 82031875

Email: yongjiang@ouc.edu.cn

Add.: Ocean University of China, 5 Yushan Road, 266003, Qingdao, P.R.C.


Research Interests

My research mainly focusses on diversity of microorganisms especially ciliate protozoa, bi-polar environment and microplankton ecology, microbial food web dynamics, and microplastic pollution.


Academic Qualifications

2001-2006: B.Sc. Biology, Qufu normal University

2007-2009: M.Sc. Marine Ecology, Ocean University of China

2009-2012: Ph.D. Marine Aquaculture, Ocean University of China

2011-2012: Joint Ph.D. Marine Ecology, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

2012-2014: PostDoc, Korea Polar Research Institute


Working Experience

2021-current: Professor, College of Marine Life Sciences, Ocean University of China

2014-2020:Associate Professor, College of Marine Life Sciences, Ocean University of China


Representative Publications

1. Geng, X., Wang, J., Zhang, Y., Jiang, Y.* How do microplastics affect the marine microbial loop? Predation of microplastics by microzooplankton. Science of the Total Environment, 2021. 758, 144030. (IF: 6.551, TOP)

2. Zhang, Y., Wang, J., Geng, X., Jiang, Y.* Does microplastic ingestion dramatically decrease the biomass of protozoa grazers? A case study on the marine ciliate Uronema marinum. Chemospere, 2021. 267, 129308. (IF: 5.778, TOP)

3. Zhang, C., Liu, Q., Li, X., Wang, M., Liu, X., Yang, J., Xu, J., Jiang, Y.* Spatial patterns and co-occurrence networks of microbial communities related to environmental heterogeneity in deep-sea surface sediments around Yap Trench, Western Pacific Ocean. Science of the Total Environment, 2021. 759, 143799. (IF: 6.551, TOP)

4. Liu, Q., Zhao, Q., McMinn, A., Yang, E.J., Jiang, Y.* Planktonic microbial eukaryotes in polar surface waters: recent advances in high-throughput sequencing Marine Life Science & Technology, 2021. 3, 94–102.

5. Liu, Q., Jiang, Y.* Application of microbial network analysis to discriminate environmental heterogeneity in Fildes Peninsula, Antarctica. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2020. 156, 111244. (IF: 4.049, TOP)

6. Jiang, Y., Zhao, Y., Wang, X., Yang, F., Chen, M., Wang, J. Characterization of microplastics in the surface seawater of the South Yellow Sea as affected by season. Science of the Total Environment, 2020. 724, 138375. (IF: 6.551, TOP)

7. Jiang, Y., Yang, F., Zhao, Y., Wang, J. Greenland Sea Gyre increases microplastic pollution in the surface waters of the Nordic Seas. Science of the Total Environment, 2020. 712, 136484. (IF: 6.551, TOP)

8. Yang, J.*, Löder, M., Jiang, Y.*, Wiltshire, K. Are tintinnids picky grazers: feeding experiments on a mixture of mixotrophic dinoflagellates and implications for red tide dynamics. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2019. 149, 110488. (IF: 4.049, TOP)

9. Jiang, Y., Yang, E.J., Kim, S.Y., Kim, Y.N., Lee, S.H. Spatial patterns in pelagic ciliate community responses to various habitats in the Amundsen Sea. Progress in Oceanography, 2014. 128, 49-59. (IF: 4.06, TOP)

10. Jiang, Y., Xu, H., Warren, A. Insights into discriminating environmental quality status based on a simplified taxonomic tree of ciliated protozoa in marine ecosystems. Science of the Total Environment, 2014. 468–469, 663–670. (IF: 6.551, TOP)



1. The 1st Youth Science & Technology Award CSOP (2015)