GUO Cui 郭萃

Lab of Viral & Microbial Diversity


GUO Cui  郭萃

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Biology



Add.: Ocean University of China, Yushan Campus, Chemical Building, 5 Yushan Road, 266003, Qingdao, P.R.C.


Research Interests

My research mainly focusses on biological oceanography and microbial ecology, with specific interest in the microbial food web dynamics, including: 1) Population and community ecology of plankton; 2) Trophic interactions within the microbial food web; 3) Impact of climate change and human activities on microbial food web.


Academic Qualifications

2005-2009: M.Sc. Marine Biology, Ocean University of China

2009-2014: Ph.D. Biology/Marine Environmental Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2014-2015: Postdoctoral fellowship, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2015-2017: Visiting researcher, McGill University


Working Experience

2018-current: Associate Professor, College of Marine Life Sciences, Ocean University of China, Qingdao

2013.6-2013.10: Intern, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Beijing

2010-2013: Teaching assistant, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong


Representative Publications

1. Duan, X., Guo, C.*, Zhang, C., Li, H., Zhou, Y., Gao, H., Xia, X., He, H., McMinn, A., Wang, M. Effect of East Asian atmospheric particulate matter deposition on bacterial activity and community structure in the oligotrophic Northwest Pacific. Environmental Pollution, 2021, 283, 117088. (IF: 6.793)

2. Han, Y., Guo C.*, Guan, X., McMinn, A., Liu L., Zheng, G., Jiang, Y., Liang, Y., Shao, H., Tian J., Wang, M*. Comparison of Deep-Sea Picoeukaryotic Composition Estimated from the V4 and V9 Regions of 18S rRNA Gene with a Focus on the Hadal Zone of the Mariana Trench. Microbial Ecology. 2021. DOI: 10.1007/s00248-021-01747-2 (IF: 3.527)

3. Qiao, L., Li, N., Luo, L., He, J., Lin, Y., Li, J., Yu, L., Guo, C.*, Murto P.*, Xu X*. Design of Monolithic Closed-Cell Polymer Foams via Controlled Gas-Foaming for High-Performance Solar-Driven Interfacial Evaporation. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021. DOI: 10.1039/d1ta01032h (IF: 11.301)

4. Yang, L., Li, N., Guo, C.*, He, J., Wang, S., Qiao, L., ... & Xu, X*. Marine Biomass-Derived Composite Aerogels for Efficient and Durable Solar-Driven Interfacial Evaporation and Desalination. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2020, 128051. (IF:10.652)

5. Zhang, N., Jiang, T., Guo, C.*, Qiao, L., Ji, Q., Yin, L., Yu, L., Murto, P.*, Xu, X.*, High-performance semitransparent polymer solar cells floating on water: Rational analysis of power generation, water evaporation and algal growth, Nano Energy, 2020, 105111. (IF: 16.602)

6. Jiang, T., Guo, C.*, Wang, M., Wang, M., Zhang, X., Liu, Y., ... McMinn, A. Genome Analysis of Two Novel Synechococcus Phages That Lack Common Auxiliary Metabolic Genes: Possible Reasons and Ecological Insights by Comparative Analysis of Cyanomyoviruses. Viruses, 2020, 12, 800. (IF: 3.816)

7. Jiang, T., Guo, C.*, Wang, M., Wang, M., You, S., Liu, Y., ... McMinn, A. Isolation and complete genome sequence of a novel cyanophage, S-B05, infecting an estuarine Synechococcus strain: insights into environmental adaptation. Archives of Virology, 2020, 165(6), 1397-1407. (IF: 2.243)

8. Han, Y., Wang, M., Liu, Q., Liu, Y., Wang, Q., Duan, X., ... Guo, C*. Genome Analysis of Two Novel Lytic Vibrio maritimus Phages Isolated from the Coastal Surface Seawater of Qingdao, China. Current Microbiology, 2019, 76(10), 1225-1233. (IF: 1.746)

9. Guo, C., Xia, X., Pitta, P., Herut, B., Rahav, E., Berman-Frank, I., ... Liu, H*. Shifts in microbial community structure and activity in the ultra-oligotrophic eastern Mediterranean sea driven by the deposition of Saharan dust and European aerosols. Frontiers in Marine Science, 2016, 3: 170. (IF: 3.661)

10. Guo, C., Liu, H.*, Zheng, L., Song, S., Chen, B., Huang, B. Seasonal and spatial patterns of picophytoplankton growth, grazing and distribution in the East China Sea. Biogeosciences, 2014, 11: 1847–1862. (IF: 3.753)

11. Guo, C., Liu, H.*, Yu, J., Zhang, S., Wing, C. Role of microzooplankton grazing in regulating phytoplankton biomass and community structure in response to atmospheric aerosol input. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2014, 507: 69–79 (IF: 2.640)

12. Guo, C., Jing, H., Kong, L., Liu, H*. Effect of East Asian aerosol enrichment on microbial community composition in the South China Sea. Journal of Plankton Research, 2013, 35(3):485–503. (IF: 2.435)

13. Guo, C., Yu, J., Ho, T. Y., Wang, L., Song, S., Kong, L., Liu, H*. Dynamics of phytoplankton community structure in the South China Sea in response to the East Asian aerosol input.Biogeosciences, 2012, 9: 1519–1536. (IF: 3.753)



1. 2013 David Cushing Prize, Journal of Plankton Research


2. 2014 Best Thesis Award, Division of Life Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology