Research Groups

Lab of Marine Enzyme


Research Interests

Our group mainly focusses two types of proteins from marine organism, including marine polysaccharide degrading enzymes and scallop byssus proteins. We use biochemistry and biophysical technologies to clarify the degradation mechanisms of marine polysaccharide degrading enzymes and assembly mechanism of scallop byssus protein at the molecular level. On this basis, research on the key proteins (enzymes) showing industrial application potentiality will be carried out in combination with various biological engineering technologies.

Group Members


Dr. LIU Weizhi  刘伟治


Dr. LYU Qianqian  律倩倩

Associate Professor


2 projects of General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

2 projects of Young Scientists Fund Program of National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC)

2 projects of National Key Research and Development Program of China (participant)

Several other provincial and ministry projects

Representative Publications and Achievements

1. Zhang Keke, Liu Tao, Liu Weizhi*, Lyu Qianqian*. Structural insights into the substrate-binding cleft of AlyF reveal the first long-chain alginate-binding mode. Acta Crystallogr D Struct Biol. 2021. D77, 336-346.

2. Li Zhijian, Liu Weizhi, Lyu Qianqian*. Biochemical Characterization of a Novel Endo-1,3-β-Glucanase from the Scallop Chlamys farreri. Marine Drugs. 2020 Sep 16;18(9):466.

3. Lyu Qianqian, Zhang Keke, Shi Yanhong, Li Weihua, Diao Xiaotong, Liu Weizhi*. Structural insights into a novel Ca2+-independent PL-6 alginate lyase from Vibrio OU02 identify the possible subsites responsible for product distribution. BBA-General Subjects, 2019, Jul; 1863(7):1167-1176.

4. Zhang Xiaokang#; Dai Xiaoting#; Wang Lulu; Miao Yan; Xu Pingping; Liang Pengyu; Dong Bo; Bao Zhenmin; Wang Shi; Lyu Qianqian*; Liu Weizhi*, Characterization of an atypical metalloproteinase inhibitors like protein (Sbp8-1) from scallop byssus, Frontiers in Physiology. 2018 May 23;9:597.

5. Xu Pingping#, Dai Xiaoting#, Wang Dandan, Miao Yan, Zhang Xiaokang, Wang Shuoshuo, Teng Luyao, Dong Bo, Bao Zhenmin, Wang Shi, Lyu Qianqian*, Liu Weizhi*, The discovered chimeric protein plays the cohesive role to maintain scallop byssal root structural integrity. Scientific Reports, 2018 Nov 20;8(1):17082.

6. Zhuang Jingjing, Zhang Keke, Liu Xiaohua, Liu Weizhi, Lyu Qianqian*, Ji Aiguo*, Characterization of a novel PolyM-preferred alginate lyase from marine Vibrio splendidus OU02. Marine Drugs, 2018, 16(9), 295.

7. Lyu Qianqian, Zhang Keke, Zhu Qiaoyun, Li Zhijian, Liu Yujie, Fitzek Elisabeth, Yohe Tanner, Zhao Liming, Li Weihua, Liu Tao, Yin Yanbin, Liu Weizhi*. Structural and biochemical characterization of a multidomain alginate lyase reveals a novel role of CBM32 in CAZymes. BBA-General Subjects, 2018, 1862(9):1862-1869.

8. Lyu Qianqian(#); Jiao Wenqian(#); Zhang Keke; Bao Zhenmin; Wang Shi; Liu Weizhi*Proteomic analysis of scallop hepatopancreatic extract providesinsights into marine polysaccharidedigestion, Scientific Reports, 2016.12.16, 16(6): 34866.

9. Lyu Qianqian; Shi Yanhong; Wang Song; Yang Yan; Han Baoqin; Liu Wanshun; Jones David N M; Liu Weizhi*Structural and biochemical insights into the degradation mechanism of chitosan by chitosanase OU01. , BBA-General Subjects, 2015.9, 1850(9): 1953~1961.

10. Lyu Qianqian; Wang Song; Xu Wenhua; Han Baoqin; Jones D; Liu Weizhi*, Structural insights into the substrate binding mechanism for a novel chitosanase, Biochemical Journal, 2014.6.15, 461(2): 335~345.