Research Groups

Lab of Metabolic Engineering of Marine Microorganisms


Research Interests

Bioresources, genomics, genome editing, metabolic pathways, genetic regulation of marine yeasts .

Group Members


Dr. CHI Zhenming  池振明


Dr. LIU Guanglei  刘光磊



4 projects of General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

1 projects of International (regional) Cooperation and Communication Fund Program of National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC)

1 projects of Young Scientists Fund Program of National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC)

Representative Publications and Achievements

1.Wei, X., Chi, Z., Liu, G. L., Hu, Z., Chi, Z. M. The genome-wide mutation shows the importance of cell wall integrity in growth of the psychrophilic yeast Metschnikowia australis W7-5 at different temperatures, Microbial Ecology, 2021, 81, 52–66. (IF:3.356)

2.Wei, X., Liu, G. L., Jia, S. L., Chi, Z., Hu, Z., Chi, Z. M. Pullulan biosynthesis and its regulation in Aureobasidium spp. Carbohydrate Polymers, 2021, 251,117076. (IF: 7.182)

3.Xue, S. J., Liu, G. L., Chi, Z., Gao, Z. C., Hu, Z., Chi, Z. M. Genetic evidences for the core biosynthesis pathway, regulation, transport and secretion of liamocins in yeast-like fungal cells. Biochemical Journal, 2020, 477, 887–903. (IF: 4.097)

4.Chen, L., Zhang, Y., Liu, G.L., Chi, Z., Hu, Z., Chi, Z. M. Cellular lipid production by the fatty acid synthase-duplicated Lipomyces kononenkoae BF1S57 strain for biodiesel making. Renewable Energy, 2020, 151, 707-714. (IF: 6.274)

5.Chen, L., Chi, Z., Liu, G. L., Xue, S. J., Wang, Z. P., Hu, Z., Chi, Z. M. Improved pullulan production by a mutant of Aureobasidium melanogenum TN3-1 from a natural honey and capsule shell preparation. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2019, 141, 268–277 (IF: 5.162)

6.Jia, S. L., Chi, Z., Liu, G. L., Hu, Z., Chi, Z. M. Fungi in mangrove ecosystems and their potential applications. Critical Review in Biotechnolgy, 2020, 40, 852–864. (IF: 8.108).

7.Jia, S. L., Chi, Z., Chen, L., Liu, G.L., Hu, Z., Chi, Z. M. Molecular evolution and regulation of DHN melanin-related gene clusters are closely related to adaptation of different melanin-producing fungi. Genomics, 113 2021, 1962–1975. (IF: 6.025).

8.Chi, Z. M., Wang, X. H., Li, J. Modern Microbial Ecology, National textbook for undergraduates and graduates, Science Press, China. 2010.

9.A novel cell surface display plasmid pINA1317-130, Patent No: 200710198895.4

10. A key enzyme and its function for biosynthesis of pullulan, Patent No: CN202010435722.5