Mineral Resource Prospecting & Exploration

The direction of this subject covers several research directions of the theory and technology area in field exploration and development, from basin tectonic evolution, basin depositional evolution, reservoir diagenetic evolution and evaluation, organic geochemistry and resource evaluation, fundamental theory research on the formation and distribution of reservoirs, to comprehensive geological study, which integrates the data of geology, seismic, well logging and oil production testing to qualitative and quantitative description and evaluation of reservoir. It provides scientific basis for field exploration and development.

In recent years, Our research have undertaken various projects, such as the National 863 Programme, subprojects of national support project, National Natural Science Fund, projects supported by the Ministry of Education and a number of crosswise projects from Petrochina and Sinopec, published more than 20 academic work, 300 publication dissertation, among which 80 have been indexed by SCI and EI, won 10 “Science and Technology Advancement Prize" awards granted by the provincial or ministerial, more than 10 the state invention patent and 6 software copyright certificates. We now become a high level team of scientific research and teaching, which will cultivate high-level personnel, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promote the development of academic disciplines.