Geological Inverstigation and Information Technology

This major begins to accept master graduate admission since 1983, and has evolved unique research feature in the fields such as marine geophysical exploration and information technology, engineering geophysics and information technology, geophysical well logging and information technology, deep geophysics and information technology, computational geophysics, water resources and engineering environmental prospecting, and gas and oil reservoir description and exploration. The famous geophysicist Li Qingzhong teaches in this subject.

The subject has established marine geophysics exploration laboratory, complex oil and gas reservoir exploration technique laboratory, geophysical exploration software technique laboratory and petroleum and engineering technology laboratory, and owns the exploration acquisition system including high-resolution digital marine seismograph and gravity, magnetic and electrical exploration equipment, multi-beam sounding sonar system, digital side-scan sonar, shallow-stratum profiler, GPS and so forth. Also, the high-performance parallel computing system consisted of PC cluster, servers and workstation cluster provides excellent software and hardware for geophysical software development, data processing and interpretation.