Marine Geophysics

In the colleges of our country, marine geophysics is the only one developed from marine geophysical prospecting and also the marine geophysics undergraduate specialty which is the earliest establishment, marine characteristic distinctly and structure integrity. Autonomy to set up a doctorate in 2003 and Geo-prospecting and Information Techinque was established as the provincial-level key subject of Shandong Province in 2007. Submarine Geoscience and Prospecting Technique was established as the provincial-level key lab of Shandong Province in 2003. Integrated subjects including land and sea, science and engineering, high-tech exploration and information technique has been built. The subject has an echelon with many young and middle-aged doctors and professors. By advanced marine exploration and experiment technique and dozens of projects of National 863 Program and Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, the subject will achieve leap-forward development in talents training, subject construction and high-level achievement.

Marine exploration is one of the most important subjects of the 21th century and also the most hot spots to breakthrough to geo-scientific community of the 21th century. Marine Geophysics, which is an important branch of Marine Science, plays an important role in establishment of major theory of marine geo-scientific community, marine oil&gas prospecting, gas hydrate exploration, the delimitation of ocean. Focusing on continental shelf and adjacent sea areas of China and mainly studying the geophysical fields of China’s marginal seas, tectonic evllution and dynamic process and attaching importance to the research and development of new geophysical prospecting methods and techniques to survey marine oil&gas, the specialty will offer material and back-up technology for the development and utilization of marine oil&gas and study on marine environmental.