Marine Geology

Marine geology mainly focuses on lithosphere, including its texture, chemical and mineral component, tectonic characteristics and history evolution, by using high-tech seabed exploring equipments and methods. As a sub-system of the Earth system, marine goelogy also study on the interaction and mass flux between sub-systems, such as litho-hydrosphere, litho-biosphere, and so on. Ore deposit, oil and nature gas, nature gas hydrate that origin in ocean environment are closely related to marine geological processes. Farthermore, marine geology also deals with issues of global change which is one of the most important issue in modern society.

This major was first founded by OUC in China. It covers five research interests: (1) Marine sedimentology; (2) Applying geophysics; (3) Marine geochemistry; 4) Submarine resources and mineralization and 5) Marginal geological structure.