Message From the President

Welcome to Ocean University of China (OUC), one of China’s comprehensive, research-oriented universities with significant strengths in marine and fisheries science.


OUC has set its mission to explore, develop and protect our oceans, supported by its foundation in a wide range of subjects across the sciences, arts and humanities. In addition to its extensive research and teaching programs, it enhances the harmonious coexistence between human beings and the ocean and supports sustainable development through investing in international cooperation.  


We attach great importance to such collaborations across all our departments, and have established friendly relations with over 240 universities and research institutions from more than 37 countries and regions. Whether you are among this number or we have yet to work together, we wish you a warm welcome to OUC.


Located in the Olympic sailing city of Qingdao, one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities on the coast of the Yellow Sea, OUC has been, since its establishment in 1924, devoted to the academic development of talented minds to meet the strategic, economic and social needs of China and beyond. We are proud that we have developed into a comprehensive university that offers a broad range of courses in science, engineering, agriculture (fisheries), medicine (pharmacy), economics, management, liberal arts, law, education and history. We have more than 15,300 undergraduate students and over 9,000 postgraduate students studying here, supported by over 1700 academics and 1600 administrative staff.  


The University has been approved as one of the national key universities eligible for support and funding by two significant national projects: Project 985 and Project 211.  It is also among the 42 universities included in the country’s Plan of First-rate Universities and First-rate Disciplines in the World (“Double First-rate”). As a consequence it has ambitious plans for the development of the University’s output and influence by 2025, and for ascertaining its position as a world-class university by 2050.


We place great emphasis on developing intellectual talentand are proud that the majority of marine science and fisheries PhD holders in China graduated from our university. OUC is also in the top 1% of the most-cited universities and scientific institutions in 9 research fields, including geoscience, plant and animal science, engineering, chemistry, materials science, agricultural sciences, biology and biochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, and environmental science and ecology (ESI).  Its success in national key research programs and international projects earned it many national awards, including the first prize of the National Technology and Invention Award.


The ocean is one of the determining factors of the 21st century. Following the university’s motto “the ocean embraces all streams; exploring promises reaching far”, we will enhance our globally-oriented research in marine sciences and foster innovative intellectual talent whilst developing OUC into an increasingly world-renowned and research-led comprehensive university.


We are a dynamic community and look forward to taking this voyage with colleagues and friends from around the world, to explore the oceans and beyond and to write the next chapter in research and education together.



Prof. Yu Zhigang

President of Ocean University of China