This semester I have begun two background courses for my Master Program in Environmental Law

  • The students in the International Master Program of Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program (ENRL), together with Visiting Professor Christian Caubet and Program Director Dr. Ming Yu, visited the Laoshan Reservoir as part of their study on Water Law. (November 2014)

This semester I have begun two background courses for my Master Program in Environmental Law.

Professor Shi Liang teaches our cohort of international law students an Introduction to Legal History and Culture. Professor Shi and I both have an affinity for Kongzi and ping pong, so we get along splendid. My perspective on Chinese teaching is enriched. My second course at Lao Shan is Chinese Legal System, taught by professor, Ma Xiaoli. She is very clever, yet gentle. Her style is detailed, yet inquisitive.

The most important question for me as a beginning student of Chinese law with an eye to international environmental law, is should China ape the West, or should China blaze a new trail? What is the right step forward? It is an exciting time to be alive. Every step counts. Now it is time to make the world a better place.

Gabriel Harmony Jennings

from the USA

Sora Yun

from South Korea

My name is Sora Yun. I’m from South Korea and I’m studying International Environmental law in OUC. I decided to study in ENRL course, OUC, because I can learn environmental law and environmental protection more professionally in this specialized course. By using English I can practice speaking English and it also gives me a big opportunity to learn Chinese.

We consist of a small number of students, so we can easily communicate with faculty members and I feel I’m taken care of by them. Especially I’m satisfied with the curriculum, which includes not only lectures but teaching practice, research training and social practice. I believe these experiences could be huge benefits in my future work.

I’m honored that I am taking master course in Ocean University of China. All the courses which are taught in English are improving my English ability. During the class by having discussion exercises, I could also have more logical consideration. Furthermore, I like having many chances to get along with foreign friends. I’m sure that this master course will make me be a specialist in ocean law.

Jieun Lee

from South Korea

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